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Suddenly the whole world is full of holes that people just whoosh into!

Just a quick status update for the Experimental Gameplay Project thing. I've been moving a lot of stuff around inside the engine; it all looks the same, so no screenshot today, but the internals are just a lot easier to handle. And, I've figured out what the gameplay will be. Your typical Outrun-style game has you trying to avoid hitting other vehicles, because it slows you down. I shall turn that design on its head. Your goal in this game is to hit as many other vehicles as possible. Crashing into other cars increases your Road Rage meter, which lets you drive faster. But of course it's harder to control the car at higher speeds; you might hit obstacles or heavy trucks, killing your momentum and reducing the Road Rage meter again. Try to drive the farthest distance before time runs out.

I actually have the basics of this in and working. Theoretically, I just need to whip up a user interface that displays the Rage Meter and make some sprites for cars and trucks that don't look like ass, and fiddle with how the track is generated so it's a little less random and short, and I'll be done. May devote tomorrow to that, depending on whether I feel like getting out of the house or not.

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