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Must Go Faster

So I was meandering around the Web today and ran across the Experimental Gameplay Project. They run a light-hearted "competition" every month where the challenge is to spend no more than one week making a game based on a particular theme.

The theme for May is "High Velocity," with many allusions to car chases. I like car chases! Ima thinking I'll try to enter this. I wonder if it's cheating for me to start with an engine I already have...? Especially since the sprite landscape engine is already practically a Super Scaler game?

Anyway, I took the sprite landscape, gimmicked it so that instead of wrapping as you move in a constant direction it instead endlessly generates new rows of landscape, hacked up some roadway graphics, bolted the camera down to a driving-game position, and...

Hmm, it's a start. I probably shouldn't promise results, but I'll see what I can do with this.
Tags: programming
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