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Terminal Nostalgia

Digital: A Love Story is just about the best thing ever...

...if you grew up as a nerdy kid in the late-80s BBS culture, that is. Now, my BBS experience is somewhat different from this game -- rather than falling in love and saving the world, I pirated stacks of Commodore 64 games and got into stupid electronic slapfights with other kids. So actually I wouldn't say it was a period in my life I'm happy to remember. But nonetheless, this crazy little game brought it all back for me. It's short, too, just an hour or two, but very satisfying. I can't recommend it enough.

As if that wasn't enough pummeling nostalgia, I followed up playing Digital: A Love Story by re-reading my old copy of The Big U by Neal Stephenson. This is another instant mental trip for me, as it hauls me back to my days at Penn State which bore more than one unnerving similarity to the book's American Megaversity. That's also when I first encountered the book itself; at the time, The Big U was very hard to find, as it was Stephenson's first novel, had been published in very limited quantities, and the author (reportedly deeply embarrassed by the thing) refused to allow it to be reprinted. The only guy who owned a copy was my good friend sector_r, who was kind enough to lend it out in round-robin fashion. Reading it was an experience I treasured.

These days, Stephenson has changed his mind -- I expect a dump truck full of money was involved -- and we have online commerce too, so The Big U can now be purchased easily from any online bookstore you can think of. Or for that matter, you can go over to Google Books and preview a chunk of it to see if it's something you'll like. (SPOILER: It is.)
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