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Oh, and also...

XCode's source control also appears to be absolutely goddamn useless. Once bitten, twice shy, I figured -- I'll put my data files in a safer place and get them into source control. But even though I have XCode hooked up to Subversion and have had my source files checked in for a long time, I cannot for the life of me convince it to add any new files to source control that are not already in a directory Subversion knows about -- and no, telling it about new directories I create doesn't make it work; although it'll display the file as being in source control in the SCM window, it won't show me the file's status in XCode and it won't allow me to do source control operations on it from there. Don't suppose anyone out there's ever managed to get XCode and Subversion to cooperate on this completely ordinary and totally mundane everyday task?

I'm strongly tempted to switch to XCode snapshots, except the only thing I've ever heard about them is people wailing on forums about how they totally don't work.
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