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Now here's something I think you'll really like!

The "puzzle platformer" is a popular genre of indie game these days. You can move around and jump, but there's some wacky spin on the standard platformer mechanics -- maybe you can rewind time, duplicate yourself, open up portals, or who knows what. But a common problem is that once you've seen the gimmick, the game doesn't end up being much fun: it's not just a question of coming up with a clever idea, but of actually developing it and finding ways to create more and more complex challenges out of that one clever idea.

Which brings me to Continuity. The objective is very simple: collect key(s), go to door. But the level is made up of an array of cards, which you can rearrange at will. Your little guy can pass from the edge of any one card to any other -- as long as the cards match along that edge. Thus, the title.

Continuity is the first puzzle platformer in quite a while that I've played all the way through to the end, because it focuses on using its own mechanic and becoming trickier and trickier as you go along. I could practically feel my brain getting bigger as I solved each stage. It's the sort of game where after beating it you expect someone from the government to knock on your door and inform you that you've passed a test and been recruited for an elite team of geniuses to save the world. What I'm saying to you is that Continuity is really neat and you should play it. Yes, I think that's a good summary.
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