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Afterlife Blues update.

Here. That makes three pages in a row where I'm actually satisfied with the artwork! Can I make it a four-peat? Hint: probably not.

Mass Effect 2 update below the cut. It's full of SPOILERS. Don't click if you don't want to see SPOILERS. Seriously, don't.

  • I was kind of shocked by what the Collectors did to us. I'm just tooling around the galaxy, well... kind of wasting time, to be honest, when all of a sudden they charge up and, wow. Isn't it kind of unusual for the villains in an RPG to actually take deliberate, positive action against the heroes? I actually can't remember any other game where that's ever happened. Points to Bioware. But dangit, who's going to tell me I have new mail now?

  • Note to Morinth: While we did indeed have a job opening on the Normandy crew for a heartless, sexually ambiguous, mass-murdering biotic psychopath, that position was in fact filled several weeks ago. Thank you for your interest and Cerberus hopes to hear from you again in future lives.

  • Teasing Tali after completing her quest is the funnest thing. Oh Tali, you're so adorable.

  • I blame electroweak for this: As part of Thane's quest we had to get some information out of some random criminal chump. Walking into the interrogation room I claimed I'd play "good cop." But just the thought of actually having to chit-chat endlessly with this goober while he repeatedly refused to cooperate was too much for me, and instead I beat the crap out of him until he gave up the goods. That's what all those agonizing interrogation situations we got into playing Confed did to me! I LEARNED IT FROM WATCHING YOU, DAD

    So anyway, I've finished all the loyalty quests (acquiring a snappy new black and yellow uniform for each member of my doughty gang of mercenaries and sociopaths) and it's time to hop into the Omega-4 relay and... You know, I'm still not sure what our mission is exactly. Are we going to attack the Collector homeworld? With one ship and eleven guys? Yeah, I... have a feeling this is going to be rough.
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