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"You talk too much."

So I haven't been posting much besides Afterlife Blues updates and silly YouTube videos lately, but I have been doing some other stuff. Here's what's up Neon Galaxy-wise...

Besides a lot of behind-the-scenes shenanigans to get the engine up and running under SDL, and implementing some new enemy behaviors (they can now properly fire off animations and they can spawn other enemies -- thus that blue guy in the center of the screen, who spawns those little aqua guys who chase after the player) the main thing I've been working on is my new concept for the weapon system.

The main limitation on the player in this game is supposed to be inventory size. You start with three inventory slots and can eventually gain up to nine. Each inventory slot can hold a powerup of some sort, or maybe it can hold some valuable item you want to bring out of the mine. You have to decide what's more important to you. I was going to have a pretty standard weapon system where you can pick up guns of various types and then switch between them with the number keys. But, that was before I had my awesome idea. My current concept is that you can pick up weapon powerups of various types, as before -- but now they are all active at once. So if you're carrying the rocket, shotgun, and explosive powerups, you'll be firing blasts of shotgun pellets which accelerate towards their targets and explode when they hit. You can also carry multiple powerups of one type, which will make that aspect of your shots even more powerful: carry more explosive powerups and the explosions will be bigger and more damaging, and so forth.

The current list of abilities includes multi-shot, shotgun, rocket, exploding shells, flak (small explosions go off along the bullet's path), shrapnel (the shot breaks into deadly fragments when it hits the wall) and electricity (lightning strikes zap nearby enemies.) This may sound overpowered and heck yeah it is overpowered, or at least can be once you really start stacking the powerups. Now to a certain extent I don't mind this, as aside from the aforementioned inventory limitation these powerups are going to be somewhat rare and there are gimmicks which can cause you to lose objects you're carrying. But at present, yeah, they just tear up all opposition. Balancing this game is going to be tricky.

Also I have been playing Mass Effect 2 a lot. It may possibly be the best thing ever. I certainly have been liking it enough to draw some really stupid sketchy comics about it. Note that I haven't beaten the game yet, so if you spoil anything for me in the comments you will be very, very sorry.

This gag got stuck in my head right at the beginning of the game. I couldn't help it. I'm sorry.

At one point Tali is accused of treason and you have to go to the Migrant Fleet and pull her bacon out of the fire. And man, those Quarians, I tell you. Get three of them in a room and they'll have eight different opinions, and if you agree with any of them they'll change their mind just to be difficult. I found this bit so aggravating that I had to back out and do something else for a while, and still haven't gone back to finish it yet. Sorry, Tali, I love ya, but those admirals were driving me nuts.

And finally, one of Commander Shepard's romantic options in this game is returning character and fangirl favorite Garrus Vakarian. Yes, that's what that loud "squee" noise shortly after ME2's release date was.
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