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The Great Work begins.

Am now running under Snow Leopard, also known as Mac OSX version 10.6. There is really very little that's outwardly different from regular Leopard (10.5), other than a better interface for fooling with folder stacks in the Dock. You can also play movies inside Cover Flow view, which I never use and neither does anyone else I know, so who cares. However, it's also supposed to have plenty of bug fixes and general efficiency improvements, and that's something I support (my favorite Adobe Photoshop upgrade ever was, I think, 5.0, when they did very little beyond making the whole thing much faster.) So there we go.

It's probably worth mentioning that installing Snow Leopard doesn't automatically upgrade your development environment, for those of you using Xcode. You need to install Xcode 3.2; I'm given to understand it's on the Snow Leopard disk, but you can also download it from the Apple Developer Connection if you want to be sure you have the absolute latest version. After I did so, I was able to load, compile, and run my old game engine project without trouble -- beyond, that is, the awkward fact that a few things I was using, such as functions needed by my .WAV file loader, are seemingly deprecated and nonfunctional under Snow Leopard. Ah well, who needs sound, right?

...Apparently not OSX game developers, given how much of a pain in the butt it is to work with sounds if you're programming in straight-up C++. Well, anyway.

Also saw Sherlock Holmes today. I'm not sure I'd say it's a classic of the modern cinema -- you know, like Die Hard or Con Air -- but it was a good time. Longstanding Sherlock Holmes fans, in particular, should relax, as the movie does a pretty good job of being faithful to the characters. I did have to laugh, though, at the presence of Irene Adler, turning up once again like a bad penny. (For those not aware, Irene Adler is the only woman to ever get the best of Holmes, and in the course of the original stories the only woman he ever seemed to have even the remotest interest in beyond that of a detective-client relationship. Given the dearth otherwise of important female characters in the canon, she perforce appears in just about every modern Sherlock Holmes story.)
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