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And that, as they say, is that.

So I've been playing Champions Online for a bit. I'm done now.

I just leveled one character to 40, the infamous "Nuclear Ninja" Ms. Seabrook. After a slightly rocky start, her superheroing career improved dramatically when a friend pointed out all the ways my build was totally gimped. It turns out that as melee goes, the Dual Blades powerset combined with Lightning Reflexes can be quite effective as long as you know the secret of pumping the relevant character stat up to ridiculous levels. Here's Ms. Seabrook in her different costumes:

The original costume, and most true to the rather poorly-defined character. Ms. Seabrook is supposed to be an ordinary high school student dragged into the world of superheroism after an accidental radiation exposure on a class trip to a nuclear power plant. Granted that this does not explain the ninja swords.

First alternate costume is this Matrix-style trenchcoat outfit. Super-badass, if I may say so myself.

A wetsuit for use in the tropical environs of Monster Island.

Black leather bodysuit used in the inevitable 2006 big-budget movie remake. Includes awesome jet boots. JET BOOTS!

My final verdict, if you're curious, is that it was a decent enough time as these things go. I am kind of glad I'll be on the wagon again shortly, though. MMO games are just too time-consuming. They use up valuable time which is needed for... well... for playing other video games!

I do have some thoughts, inspired by this game, on how to solve the whole "the shared world never changes or evolves" problem common to MMOs, something which affects CO more severely than City of Heroes since much of CO takes place in outdoor missions in the open world. I'm going to let that percolate a bit more before I write about it, though.
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