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where doing it man. where MAKING THIS HAPEN

I acquired a cheap Wacom Bamboo tablet a little while ago on the general principle that I need to find an entirely new and better way of doing webcomics, my current methodology having pretty much hit a cul-de-sac of both efficiency and quality -- and the next comic Jon and I will be doing requires steps forward in those areas. Having acquired it I promptly didn't get around to using it. On an impulse I started giving it a shot today.

And yeah, I'm just barely at the level of being able to draw characters from MS Paint Adventures. (Which is not a slam on Andrew Hussie's artistic ability, by the way. A simple character design is far from -- in fact, usually the opposite of -- a bad character design.) A problem with the Wacom I hadn't realized is that it doesn't fit well with the way I normally hold a pen. Though I'm right handed, I have a peculiar sort of left-handed pen holding pose in which part of my hand rests on the paper. And you can't have anything else resting on the tablet or it'll get confused. So in addition to learning a new method of drawing, I have to hold the pen in this weird way I'm not used to.

I'm wondering if there are any decent online tutorials on how to use a drawing tablet, anyway? I'm also curious if anyone out there knows how to remap the controls on the Bamboo tablet or pen (on the Macintosh with Photoshop, that is.) I'd love it if I could map a button on the pen or the tablet to "Undo" considering the colossal number of mistakes I make, but the documentation is frustratingly vague on the subject and so far my net searches have brought up no useful information.
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