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Too bad we have to leave. But then again, who doesn't?

This is a free reactivation weekend for the MMO City of Heroes. As I've mentioned in the past, I played COH for a while and achieved (if you can call it achieving, which it isn't really) maximum level with my favorite character, Winter Storm. In the process I managed to do most of the task forces and finish most of the challenges available. The one thing I never got around to completing, though, was the final mission in the final story arc of the game, in which you are supposed to rescue Statesman, the top-rank NPC superhero. So since there was this free weekend and all, I reactivated and went in there and did it! I even took some awesome screenshots of Winter hangin' with her new best friend Statesman after the mission ended. But it turns out that the screenshot function is broken in the Mac client of CoH. Then the game crashed, because the Mac client of CoH is crazy unstable. So as it happens I didn't get a screenshot. So I figured I'd better draw one instead to commemorate the happy occasion!

This is actually the first thing I've drawn since all this medical stuff switched into high gear about a month ago. But I'm feeling better now and I need to climb back on the horse if I want to get Afterlife Blues moving again. So there you go.

On the topic of CoH, I also wanted to try out the new Mission Architect system for creating your own custom story arcs. I'll cautiously say it's kind of neat in principle, but the scripting system doesn't appear to be sophisticated enough to do anything genuinely different from typical City of Heroes missions, which is a bit of a disappointment. But I'll play with it a little more before rendering a final verdict.
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