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Ouch ow ow owie ouch ow, etc.

I've just had some minor surgery as possibly alluded to previously, and now I'm at home recovering and generally feeling lousy and achy and kinda rank as well. I really hate getting knocked out and having people cut things out of me with knives, you know? It totally isn't as fun as it sounds. But heck, you don't want to hear about that! You want to hear about video games! Let me just recommend to you the following games, which are free:

  • In honor of International Talk Like A Pirate Day, you can get the first episode of the new Tales of Monkey Island graphical adventure games for free Saturday only. The new Monkey Island episodes are quite good -- I might go as far as to say they're my favorite Telltale release yet -- so I'd advise you to grab it quick if this at all interests you.

  • Research and Development is a remarkable mod for Half-Life 2 which takes the bold step of not giving the player a gun. Instead, you have to puzzle and physics your way through the Combine threat, with highly entertaining and satisfying results. This is by far one of the best homebrew Half-Life 2 mods I've ever seen; it's right up there with Minerva as a must-play. Check it out. Note that you do have to own Half-Life 2: Episode Two to play Research and Development.

  • And finally, the character creator for Champions Online is now available for free download as part of some contest or other. The character creator in City of Heroes was always great fun to mess around in and ChampO's continues that tradition. Though I'm not quite up for another MMO right now, I couldn't resist remaking Winter Storm, my favorite character from CoH.

    Looking good, Winter!
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