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Stupid, stupid Chandelier!

The final mission of Ace Combat 6 is controller-hurlingly frustrating on Hard mode. In order to save poor, innocent controllers from suffering in the future, I will state the following tips:

  1. The key to victory is the LASM (long-range air-to-surface missile.) Bring this weapon, even though it means you have to go down a few ranks in aircraft quality. Try not to waste it egregiously, but in general you should have plenty to get the job done.
  2. Don't waste your time dogfighting the enemy planes. You'll be up there forever. Leave it to your allies. You may wish to deliberately call for Allied Support to handle them, if you can get a bunch of enemy planes in view at once or if a huge number are on your tail. You do, of course, want to get out of the way if a missile comes close. Don't worry about fouling up an attack run on Chandelier to escape a missile; you'll have plenty of other chances.
  3. Don't go straight for the cooling vents on Chandelier -- you'll get torn to bits by all those guns. Instead, you're going to have to calmly and methodically dismantle Chandelier's defenses. This is where the LASM shines as it can swat down all enemy guns from well out of their effective range. Your primary targets are a) flak guns -- zap the one on Chandelier's tip first and b) the enemy ships parked in the ice near the back and sides, as they both supply ECM to the enemy and also have several guns themselves. Use the LASM on both of these. If you see flak in the air, get the hell out right away because it will kill you. Don't attack cooling vents until you have suppressed all nearby defenses and you should be fine.
  4. When you hear the announcement that Chandelier is loading a cruise missile, the missile will appear in the trench under the barrel and start moving back towards the butt of the gun. You may think you have to fly in between the gun supports to shoot the missile. You are wrong, QAAM-breath! Just approach from the top, front, or side, target it with the LASM and fire. The LASM has pop-up capability, meaning it will fly at high altitude and then drop onto the target from above, making it ideal for hitting the missile while it's in the trench. Plus it has a huge area of effect, so it just needs to get close. I'm not sure if you actually need to shoot down the cruise missiles to beat the mission, but I'd feel kind of bad just letting them bombard Gracemeria after the hell I went through to liberate the place, so yeah.
  5. The best way to increase your Allied Support meter is to destroy a cooling vent. Once you have some Allied Support available, either target all of Chandelier with it or else try to use it against the enemy planes harassing you, as above.
  6. At the end you'll be flying down the trench and then flying down Chandelier's gun barrel. Please try to restrain your shock at the presence of a tunnel stage in an Ace Combat game! Actually, they are both way easier than the tunnel at the end of Ace Combat 5 and maybe even easier than Megalith, so don't even worry about it.
  7. Enjoy the closing cinematics or else complain to your friends about how hokey they are and you are far too cool to admit to getting a little misty at the end. Your choice!

Okay. I occasionally get these bouts of FAQ-writing, see, and at that point it's best to get it out of my system. Now I have to go to bed, and tomorrow I'm a-heading off to Otakon! Wave hi if you see me! Which you probably won't, because against all better judgement I'm on staff! Sigh. I think I'm a closet masochist.
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