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He did what?

I've been feeling a bit uninspired with regards to Neon Galaxy lately -- endless fighting with the goddamned polygon clipper will do that -- so I figured it might be a good idea to hare off in a different direction for a little while, just 'till I get my mojo back.

Not much to look at, granted. I bolted together the GLUT tutorial from Lighthouse 3D and the libpng tutorial from O'Reilly's MacDevCenter to show that, using my engine, I could draw 3D scenes and load textures off the disk in PNG format. And if you think this output image is grotesque, you should see the code! (I was frankly shocked that the libpng tutorial is written in C. Man, that brought me back. I was worried I'd have to fit it into 640k of memory, too, taking into account the Soundblaster drivers and HIMEM.SYS.) It's a hideous lashup. But then, that's how I start things generally: grab some tutorial code, wedge it in, make sure it works as advertised, and only then tweak it out and clean it up so it fits smoothly into my system. I'm actually reasonably pleased and slightly surprised that it all pretty much just worked, once I adjusted my texture code to be sure it was using the right pixel format for the example PNG file loader.

As for what I'm doing here, at least right up until the point that some aspect of it annoys me enough to turn right around and go back to Neon Galaxy -- yes, I know, I've commented that 3D is for chumps. So just call me a chump for the moment, eh?
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