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Afterlife Blues update.

Updated yesterday. This has been a very long scene and I'm happy to finally get to the payoff, where Brody gets the first inkling that all is not quite as he has been led to believe.

In Neon Galaxy news, I got positional audio working as well as a general rework of the sound system to better manage multiple sound sources, so that's cool. But I've realized I really need to rework how the player's ship is controlled. It's still been using the old Star Castle controls (rotate left and right plus accelerate) but that control style makes the ship a real pig -- it accelerates slowly, it's hard to control at top speed, and it can't strafe, which makes it just about impossible to take sharp corners. I may be forced to go for the traditional Geometry Wars-style ship control that most games like this use, where the ship is maneuvered with WASD keys and the gun can be instantly aimed in any direction with the mouse, but that feels like a cop-out somehow: it's much better suited for fast action games, rather than something a little slower-paced like Neon Galaxy is supposed to be. Is there a third way to control one's ship in a game like this I should be exploring? I could use some better ideas!

Finally, I've finished Red Faction: Guerrilla. I feel like I should give a one-sentence review of it for anyone who is wavering on whether or not to pick up this game. This one-sentence review is as follows:

Get your ass to Mars.
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