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Afterlife Blues update.

In the usual place. As I mentioned to Jon I'm actually pretty happy with the infiltration suit effect: it's easy to draw and it's clear what's going on as long as there's a reasonable amount of stuff in the background, which I should be doing anyway.

Neon Galaxy progress report: Still working on Neon Galaxy, still not doing really flashy things. The main thing I accomplished recently was to rework and fix up the child object system, which allows attaching entities to other entities. It was rather half-hearted before, but is now quite robust -- so I can do things like, say, putting turreted guns on an enemy robot and having them swivel independently to target the player, and also allowing the player to destroy them individually. Not sure what to do next; I suspect it'll either be reworking sound sources so positional audio works, or else a simple animation system. I don't expect any kind of graphical animation functionality, but since the SVG format assigns ID numbers to the various strokes that make up an object I can add the ability to find a stroke with a particular ID and manipulate its position, rotation, or scale. That should be sufficient to add simple effects like weapon recoil and whatnot.

Finally, in a move that oddly echoes most of my life, I give you: "Sorry I'm Late."

Tags: afterlife blues, comics, neon galaxy, pie
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