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Afterlife Blues update.

A page appears! Command?

The reason it went up so late is largely because, see, I wanted to watch this episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (never mind where I got it) while I worked and was trying, and failing, to wrestle it into a format the Xbox 360 would be willing to play. Problem is, it was in some screwball format that, of all the different players I have rattling around, only VLC would play. Now that doesn't actually have to be a problem, since VLC has a fairly beefy transcoding capability, but it turns out getting a straight answer on what format I actually need to use is like pulling teeth. I did my Google due diligence on the subject, and found:

1) Gushing news article on one of those terrible game news/groupblogging sites saying "Hey! This guy figured out exactly how to transcode videos for the 360 with VLC! But instead of just telling you 'use video format A, audio format B, and put it in container C,' we'll point you to this batch file on his site because as one of our readers you're clearly too stupid to follow simple directions."

2) The guy's site is down.

3) There are dozens of other references to the subject on the Web. All of them are Digg or other news aggregators pointing back to the article in 1).

Sometimes I really hate the new media.
Tags: afterlife blues, comics, whining
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