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So today I got to tell someone, "Sorry I missed your call, but I was in a battleship all day." That was kind of cool.

That's the battleship Massachusetts, which was retired shortly after World War II and is now permanently parked as part of the Battleship Cove floating museum in Fall River, Massachusetts. It's there along with a number of other ships and even a few aircraft, but the Massachusetts is definitely the star of the show. (I also mentioned it once in my ancient blog for no particular reason, so that was bouncing around in my memory as well when I saw the ship for real.)

It's super neat and well worth the thirteen bucks' admission fee with Web coupon, but I'll just organize a few random thoughts about it and toss them out here:

1. Considering this is a battleship, it's not actually as big as you'd think.

2. On the other hand, the main gun turrets are goddamn enormous. You can't really tell from this picture, because since I took the photo during a quarter of a second when nobody was wandering through the shot there's nothing to establish scale, and also my cell phone camera sucks. But they're as big as a house. Not a small house, either.

3. The guys who did Space Cruiser Yamato clearly did no research. A real battleship's interior looks nothing like the inside of the Argo. Yes, I'm being silly.

4. The anti-aircraft turrets that dot the superstructure of the ship are open to the public, so you can sit down in the gunner's seat and see what it would be like to operate one. This is purely theoretical, though, because -- even if that side of the ship is totally deserted -- the moment you approach the gun turret a swarm of Cub Scouts will materialize out of thin air and take possession of it. I want to make it clear that I'm not complaining -- God love 'em, children are our future and all that. I'm just saying this as a statement of fact: you will not get to sit down behind the gun.
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