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Afterlife Blues update.

Right about here.

In other news...

  • Shamus "McAwesome" Young has finished his Procedural City project. It's pretty darned sweet, and all the more impressive for how quickly he created it. There's a lot of nice discussion in the project-related posts about how to get attractive results while actually using as little detail as possible; it reminds me of Drivey in that respect. I'd be happy if I saw more projects and/or games using this approach.

  • As far as my own little programming project goes, I spent a bit more time on the game state logic. There's now actually an attract mode, which switches to gameplay when you mash the spacebar. It's simple enough, but it confirms in my mind that I've got the right idea -- it took barely a few minutes to create a new game state, complete with keyboard input and its very own graphical environment. I think I'll spend the next little while on the front end, getting more game logic working.

  • Finally, have been watching Season 2 of Star Blazers Remastered. I do have to say that it's a little rougher than the first season -- I suspect that's because Season 2 had noticeably more editing done to it than S1 when it was originally broadcast (a lot more main characters die, that's for sure. Were you wondering why after a certain point in the story you didn't see Orion or Conroy any more? And of course even when we were little kids we knew Knox did not "get out just behind you.") I'm also sort of realizing that remastered version aside, Season 1 is simply a better story.

    What? Insanity! Well, no. Season 2 has a much more complex story, granted -- there's infighting with the Earth Defense Command, there's Desslok haring off on his own, there's the Comet Empire political machinations, the Space Marines, romance between Venture and Treleina, Captain Gideon and the Andromeda, Earth surrendering and all the rest of it -- but what many people don't realize is that a complex story is beaten every time by a focused story. Every episode of Season 1 can be summed up with the tagline at the end of each episode: "There are only 314 days left." The Star Force has gotta get to Iscandar and fast! That's it. And with that nice, simple plot structure relentlessly driving everything forward, they could concentrate on characterization and storytelling. More media could benefit from that example, I'd say.
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