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Afterlife Blues update.

Decades may pass, social orders may rise and fall, but hackers will still be wearing dorky T-shirts. In other news:

a) I watched the Doctor Who Easter special Planet of the Dead while drawing the comic. Eh, erm. It was somewhat flawed, to be honest. While there were some neat ideas, they generally didn't get properly developed. Lady Whatsername the international jewel thief was frankly rather annoying -- at this point I'm ready to do without characters who are smugly aware of how teh sexay they are. And third and by far the most important, they need to take the incidental music guy out and tie him up in a closet somewhere until the next episode is done because that constant crashing and wailing was just driving me nuts. This is pretty much my biggest complaint about the new series as a whole, now that I think of it: they never know when to shut up with the BGM. I suspect a cut of this episode with different music would be ten times better.

b) Over the weekend I was trying to write my own glow shaders in GLSL for Neon Galaxy, resulting in a series of hilarious failures.

Rgh. Shader programming is surprisingly harder than it looks. I'm also wondering if there's some special trick to using multiple source textures in GLSL, since so far my combine shader has been failing so dramatically that it doesn't even create an amusing screenshot to share.
Tags: afterlife blues, comics, media, neon galaxy, nerd
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