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In which a video game is mentioned.

So can you guess what I've been playing?

Yes, it's everybody's favorite thoughtful exploration of the complex issues surrounding corporate exploitation of third world resources, Resident Evil 5. I've actually been playing quite a bit, as a friend of mine also has the game and we've been doing co-op; I've unlocked all the weapons and upgraded most of the stuff and gotten a wodge of achievements, so, yeah.

To be absolutely honest, my main feeling about it is that this game is reminding me how great Resident Evil 4 was. I have the Wii version of the game, but for various reasons kept putting it down and not picking it up again for like, years. When I finished RE5 for the first time, it inspired me to go back into RE4 and finish it off. Which I did! Then I did Assignment: Ada and Separate Ways just to be sure. And, ya know... damn that's a good time. RE4 really does deserve all the accolades it gets.

For one thing, it's about the only game I've ever played on the Wii which actually has a decent control scheme; the Wiimote is perfect for aiming and gunning down hordes of not-zombies, and swinging it around to slash the knife feels great. For another, the background plot is perfectly chosen. Umbrella Corporation, the mad zombie disaster factory that drove all the previous games, has been driven into bankruptcy when it turned out that unleashing hordes of the undead isn't a good long-term revenue strategy. Leon Kennedy, one of the characters from the old games, is now a Secret Service agent, and he's been sent into a backwoods village in Europe to rescue the President's kidnapped daughter. It turns out that there are zombies, or at least some approximation thereof. And... that's it! There's other backstory but it just doesn't matter. It's simple and straightforward and accessible as heck. This is an area where RE5 runs into trouble; at times it veers dangerously close to the "here's our fanfic which fixes all the continuity problems in all the other fanfics" territory, which is just never worth it.

Lest one forget, RE4 also has great villains who really enjoy their work.

And it has Ada Wong!

...Who has frankly earned the right to swan through the game in high heels and a red dress slit up to the thigh given that at one point during Separate Ways she takes on a naval destroyer in single combat and beats it. I couldn't stop laughing when that happened. Go Ada; she is awesome.

So to sum up, I guess RE5 is fine but I'm thinking I'm going to go turn on the Wii and play RE4 some more now.

(Edit: That being said, Mercenaries mode is just not fun. I'm sorry, but it's established scientific fact.)
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