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Space is vast/Space is dark/It's hard to find/A place to park.

Three random thoughts on Star Blazers Remastered (I'm up to episode 16):

1. Man this is weird. It's like when you were in third grade and talking about your favorite cartoon on the playground at recess, and that one big kid said there was totally this version aired in another country which had a bunch of violence and nudity. Except it's true. (Hmm, do kids still do that sort of thing nowadays? I mean, you can just check the Internet, so it must be harder for playground legends like that to form.)

2. I still love the way the Star Force is bound and determined to stumble into every single space storm, collapsing star, and booby-trapped space station between Earth and the Magellanic Cloud. 148,000 light years of empty intergalactic space and they still can't avoid these things! The Space Cruiser Yamato universe must be about the size of a Wal-Mart parking lot.

3. Sandor is awesome.
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