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Afterlife Blues update.

Shockingly, here it is. New page layout and all!

I have nothing else to add other than I saw Monsters Vs. Aliens this afternoon and it was really rather fun and charming. I recommend it. Oh, also I finished Resident Evil 4. Yeah, I'm kind of late to that party, I know.

Oh, also also, I appear to have laid my hands on a little torrent some people call Star Blazers Remastered. A highly mysterious and secretive group (seriously, there's absolutely no obvious identifying information inside the archive and Google comes up with nothing but links to the torrent itself) went and acquired the recent Japanese DVD remastering of Space Cruiser Yamato and mixed in the classic Star Blazers dubs, along with restoring as many deleted scenes as possible, for what should prove to be at least a very interesting experience once it finally finishes downloading. Only 22 gigabytes left to go!
Tags: afterlife blues, comics, media
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