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I think she's attached to him by a piece of string.

I am, as the note on the page says, busy working on AWESOME BACKGROUNDS. Well, they're pretty good, anyway. At the very least I'm enjoying doing it -- especially as getting some practice in that area is one of the things I actually wanted to accomplish with the artwork for Afterlife Blues, but I've been rushing too much to actually draw very many. Hopefully that's changing.

The actual reason I'm posting, though, is to mention that I just finished watching Horror of Fang Rock on Netflix while drawing and, um, I'm starting to think that, well, sorry, Romana. Leela may be even better than you. I loved seeing the Doctor absolutely baffled by her random thought processes, I loved her barking orders at the cowering lighthouse staff, I loved the bit where she ran downstairs to gloat at the Rutan scout after killing it... She's just so great in every way. It's a pity there's only a couple of Leela episodes available on Netflix, and one of them is The Talons of Weng-Chiang which would theoretically be cool except I'm not sure that there was ever a six-episode Doctor Who serial that didn't drag appallingly in the middle.

Update: Oh, cool! The Clockwork Cabaret is finally syndicated on iTunes!
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