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A bit more AI work.

Did some more AI work on Neon Galaxy tonight. No flashy pictures, sadly.

Basically, I got it working so that an AI can be stored in an XML file on disk. So the test AI I've been using, which pursues any closely approaching players for 3 seconds before losing interest, ends up looking like this...

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<behavior name="pursue" type="ram" />
<behavior name="ram" type="ram" />
<behavior name="idle" type="idle" />
<condition target="ram" type="circulardetection" radius="100" entity="PlayerShip" />
<condition target="idle" type="inbehavior" behavior="pursue" time="3" />
<condition target="pursue" type="and">
	<condition type="circulardetection" radius="300" entity="PlayerShip" />
	<condition type="or">
		<condition type="inbehavior" behavior="pursue" />
		<condition type="inbehavior" behavior="ram" />
<condition target="idle" type="true" />

While XML will never be accused of being pretty, this is still worlds easier to fool with than hand-crafting each AI in code. It also strikes me that as long as we're loading the AI for the enemy from an XML file anyway, I might as well specify the rest of the enemy's characteristics -- its graphics, abilities, hit points, movement type, et cetera -- in the XML file as well. Every step I follow down that road makes it a little easier for me, or I suppose any potential modders, to tweak out the enemies in the game.

Of course, before I get ahead of myself specifying abilities, hit points, and movement types in an XML file, I should probably give the enemies some... you know... abilities, hit points, and movement types. That might help.

At any rate: if you'll excuse me, all this dedicated hard work deserves a reward. A delicious brownie awaits!
Tags: neon galaxy
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