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Of course! Boolean operators! Blue AND ones!

Added some low-level AI features.

The awesome Star Castle font is actually really hard to read, but it tells us that the enemy has four AI conditions:

1. If the player is closer than 100, use Ram.
2. If we have been in the Pursue behavior for more than 3 seconds, use Idle.
3. If the player is closer than 300, and we are in the Pursue or Ram behaviors, use Pursue.
4. Otherwise, use Idle.

The result is that the enemy will try to ram when closer than 100, and if you are between 100 and 300 away from the enemy, it will chase you for 3 more seconds before giving up.

This is all very nice, but the code for assembling a behavior is ugly and error-prone. It's clear that the next thing I have to get done is to make it so AI setup is read from XML files. That'll make it much less of a pain to fool with them.

Ok, now I need to get back to this little bit of drawing I have to finish.
Tags: neon galaxy
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