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Next feature on the list: Object-Oriented Sulking.

I feel like I've gone into a bit of a rut with Neon Galaxy: I'm not sure what part of the game to work on next. How stuck am I here? Get this. I did a text search of the project for TODOs and FIXMEs... and actually fixed some of them. What the heck, man. That just doesn't happen in software development and it clearly must stop right now.

So, what part of the game do you think I should work on next? Adding more, or rather any, enemies? Adding more weapons? Creating some game art? Making the overall game flow, such as the start screen and level transitions, work? Improving the graphics or sound? Or something I haven't thought of yet? Speak up -- your vote counts! Disclaimer: Your vote may not count in California, Massachusetts, or the District of Columbia. Consult state and local regulations for further information.
Tags: neon galaxy
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