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Minor Neon Galaxy thing.

Mang how long have the glow effects been totally broken and I didn't even notice it?!

There, that's better, and by "better" I of course mean that they still have the same blending flaw as always, they're just actually drawing again. Still, it makes a huge difference in how attractive the graphics are. Puts the "Neon" back in "Neon Galaxy," as it were. You may also notice the unusual shapes in the center -- I beefed up the SVG graphics reader so that it can understand filled regions, and then ended up completely rewriting the internal geometry engine to draw filled shapes and also to save the order of shapes within the SVG file so things are correctly drawn on top of each other. There's no immediate application for that right now but it'll give me way more flexibility composing the final game graphics, and it also adds a place to start adding animation capability if and when that happens.

I still want to go for a spare, retro sort of look, but as far as filled polygons go that cat's already well and truly left the bag anyway.
Tags: neon galaxy
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