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Nice job breaking it, hero.

I love my Macintosh. The only sad thing about owning a Mac, though, is that if I want to play any games -- and that generally includes indies -- it's time to hit the BootChamp button and reboot into the Windows partition. So I was delighted to run across this blog post pointing out ten downloadable games for the Mac!

...And half of them are ports, and I already own seven of the ten titles anyway. Considering I've been a Machead for less than a year that's ridiculous. There really is no market for games on this platform, is there? Or at least not a market that's getting serviced properly. I suppose the plus side is that if I actually get Neon Galaxy done it won't have much competition.

That said, at least based on the ones I've played this is a pretty good list.
Tags: games, neon galaxy
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