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Afterlife Blues update.

In the usual place.

I was watching the old Doctor Who episode The Ribos Operation whilst ("whilst"?) drawing today's page. It holds up remarkably well, considering its 1977-ness. I have alluded to my teenage crush on Lalla Ward (who played the second Romana) in the past, but I must admit that Mary Tamm did a splendid job as the first Romana too. The writing was surprisingly good as well, with many amusing lines, a reasonably snappy narrative and -- what shocked me -- some actual science fiction worldbuilding. Worldbuilding was never this show's strength, as usually the writers would just throw in whatever random nonsense they thought was necessary to get the story to the next plot point. But The Ribos Operation does have a genuinely interesting and coherent backstory and setting. In sum, two thumbs up and I'm now actively looking forward to working my way through the rest of the Key to Time stories once more.
Tags: afterlife blues, comics, media, nerd
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