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Be prepared. It's the Boy Scout motto.

No doubt you've seen the news about layoffs at LiveJournal bouncing around your friends list already. I would not say panic is called for (in these situations you should hold off on panicking until the CEO does an interview telling the media that everything's just fine and going according to plan, which means the company has about two weeks to live) but this is certainly a good time to back up your journal, just in case the unthinkable happens. I just downloaded and ran LJArchive and it slurped down a copy of my entire journal, comments and all. The whole process was totally painless and it took a minute to complete, if that. My only complaint is that the program is PC-only, but hey, what can you do.

I hope LJ stays around; this whole social blogging thing is really a good compromise between the annoying clumsiness of ordinary blogs and the suicide-inducing horrorshow that is Myspace, letting me easily write blog entries yet also stay in touch with friends and browse what a lot of interesting strangers have to say. If it goes I'm really not sure what my alternative will be. But natch, my permanent webspace is still at, and that is unlikely to ever go away.
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