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"Yo Chex, what's the haps?"

Today I was theoretically going to go up to Cambridge as part of my search for a permanent place to live here in Boston. In practice when I got there I just hung around Harvard Square, visited the two famous comic book stores within five hundred feet of each other (got me a copy of Watchmen finally), had a rather tasty Yankee pot roast at a nice restaurant, got some random errands done and then as the sun set was overcome with laziness and went home. I'll count this as a moral victory since I at least left the house and made a vague gesture in the general direction of the task, which is sadly enough an above average performance for me. Also, I now know how to ride the T and even got a free Charlie Card due to some promotion that wasn't advertised anywhere, so that's something. I wish I'd gotten the free card before I bought the one-day pass but I suppose you can't have everything.

(Say, isn't there supposed to be a rather uber science fiction bookstore in that area as well? I thought Million Year Picnic was that place but that turned out to be one of the comic book stores, so I'm a bit lost on the subject now.)

Not much to mention otherwise. I've also done some more work on my game engine thingie the last day or two; I wrote a small utility to convert my old art from the ancient Windows Star Castle game into .svg format files. That got me all my graphics in a proper, usable format, plus a full vector font for drawing text. Now I'm making with an object to draw the text nicely on the screen. With that done, composing the intermission screens, score listing, and so forth for the game shouldn't be much harder. Et voila:

As a hunk of text is just another vector object, I can animate it, scale it, explode it, what have you. So that's nice. But what I'm thinking, looking at this screenshot, is that those un-smoothed aliased vector lines are honestly rather fugly. It may be time to have a second look at the OpenGL renderer and see if I can make them all fancified-like.
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