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"2008, you were a rotten year. No one likes you. Go away!"

Soooooo, I was all set to drive down to Philly for the big New Year's bash and then visit my family, and a colossal blizzard rolled over MA and RI and wrecked my travel plans utterly. I bravely went out into the weather anyway and didn't even make it to the freeway. So now I'm sitting here, sub-zero winds howling outside this poorly insulated wall, playing Diablo II and feeling sorry for myself, and I'm not sure which part is sadder but either way it's certainly an appropriate end for the most crappy year in recent memory.

(Actually, I downloaded Hero Editor for Diablo II because I didn't like how I'd spent some skill points and the game is from the era before convenient features like respeccing. I tweaked the character and then realized that if you have Hero Editor, and can therefore simply set your level to 99 and drop uber-equipment into your inventory, there's really no point in playing the actual game. So I stopped playing it and now I don't even have that. Waah.)

So, uh... Happy New Year, and let's at least take solace in the fact that unless a giant meteor hits the planet and wipes out all life 2009 is unlikely to be worse than 2008.
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