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SVG status report.

Thanks to the people who recommended I should use Inkscape and the SVG format to generate vector art for my game engine. I've gotten that working, in the sense that my engine understands SVG just barely enough to parse path nodes -- assuming they don't ask for bezier curves or anything -- and keep track of what the current color is. This will certainly do for now, plus it offers an interesting and easy upgrade path should I decide I want to support exciting cutting edge features like solid-colored polygons farther down the road. As a bonus, I got XML support into the engine as well, so that's another good thing that'll benefit me down the road.

As for Inkscape itself... On the one hand, the user experience is clumsy at best. It runs under X11, which reminds me once again how glad I am that Mac OSX in general does not run under X11; it has all the weird warts you'd expect from UNIX open-source GUI projects, and I managed to crash it quite thoroughly by clicking too enthusiastically on parts of the user interface. On the other hand, I then went and tried this allegedly recommended OSX-native app called DrawBerry, which turned out to be about ten times worse with the addition of a Photoshop-imitation user interface that adheres to Mac OS standards from about six revs back and gets hopelessly confused if you have the nerve to open and close the tree items. So I think I'm just going to learn to live with InkScape.
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