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Afterlife Blues update.

So yeah.

Finished the page while trying out that Netflix-streaming-to-the-360 thing. Other than the weird roundabout way you have to add things to your queue on the computer, then pick them from the queue on the 360, I love it. They've got giant stacks and piles of old Doctor Who episodes on there! I watched City of Death, one of my favorites from the Tom Baker era; it holds up surprisingly well. The video quality feels like VHS level, which is honestly about what I'd have expected (and certainly what I'm used to given that when I was a kid I'd tape rafts of episodes using the super-long-play option on the cheap VHS tapes my family always bought.)

Although I heard a terrible rumor that all the BBC stuff is going to be pulled from the 360 soon due to some typical licensing idiocy. Say it isn't so!
Tags: afterlife blues, comics, media, nerd
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