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I've lost all ambition for worldly acclaim.

All right. I enjoyed Fallout 3 enough that I think I might like to go back and finally play 1 and 2 now. As it happens, I even own a cheap combo release of both games on CD-ROM (although it might be wiser to just buy it again from Good Old Games to be more confident that it'll work on my modern machine) so there's nothing stopping me from installing it and giving it a spin.

However, last time I tried to play Fallout 1 my character was gimped from the start and murdered by giant ants the moment I stepped out of the Vault. Plus, to be honest, me and turn-based tactical combat have always had an... uneasy... relationship. So I shall ask y'all out there for gameplay tips. How do I create a character who can survive his or her first hour or two in the Wasteland?

To be clear, I'm asking for tips, rather than spoilers. I never really paid much attention to the series in the past so even if somebody gave away the ending I don't remember more than vague bits and pieces, but that's surely not going to be the case from now on.
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