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Afterlife Blues update.

I was able to tear myself away from wandering the Capitol Wasteland long enough to make a page. Y'know, for what it's worth.

I have also still been working on NaGaWriMo, though I wasn't posting anything on the LJ about it. Below the fold is a screenshot of the game's current state. Huh... it's suddenly starting to look familiar, isn't it?

In other news, I finished Jack McDevitt's latest novel, The Devil's Eye, which sort of snuck out onto the shelves when I wasn't paying attention. It's another Alex and Chase adventure, and... Eh. To be honest, not that great, especially compared to Seeker, the previous title. The novel does suffer from the fact that the "secret" of what's going on is painfully obvious from the moment you read on the book flap that a world-spanning danger has been covered up by the government of a particular planet -- given the nature of said planet, there's really only one thing it could possibly be, and it's a bit tedious watching the characters tease it out for a couple of dozen chapters. There is also a bare minimum of space archaeology, which is really McDevitt's strong point. While there was one period about halfway through when the narrative approached something dangerously close to excitement, or at least what passes for excitement in McDevitt's books, it kind of faded again after that, and eventually just sort of limped to a stop. So... I kind of think this one's going to end up in the "meh" McDevitt stack along with Ancient Shores and Polaris.

Also, I have to mention that Alex and Chase find themselves on board yet another skimmer (generic science-fictional flying car) that's been sabotaged. Cripes, that's the fourth one now, or is it the fifth? They should really stop falling for the same old gag, or at least bring gravity belts and/or parachutes with them whenever they fly from now on. Some firearms training might also be advisable for facing down the inevitable halfhearted villains who always pop up.

In other other news, the New Xbox Experience? On the one hand I'm not sold on the interface, which while less clumsy and awkward than the old one also seems to be slower to navigate. And Microsoft's attempts at making the console home of Gears of War look all family-friendly and casual-gamery, obviously due to trying to copy the Wii's popularity, are nothing short of hilarious. But on the other hand, the ability to install games to the hard drive is a godsend for someone like me whose 360 optical drive is crapping out -- I only wish I'd had this ability when playing Saints' Row 2, as the number of disc read failures I got while playing that was crippling. So in summary, thank you, Microsoft. I'll take it.
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