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I felt it necessary to at least make a token update today to NaGaWriMo even though I'm rather exhausted. So, I went into the program logic and made it so that the "player's ship" (actually just an arrowhead) can be rotated with the arrow keys, and the up arrow makes it accelerate, and it coasts to a stop when not accelerating. So now it controls just like the ship from the real Star Castle or any other vector game. That's pretty great! The only minor thing I tripped over was discovering that glRotate expects its rotation value to be in degrees, not radians. ...Degrees? Guys? C'mon.

I also did some cursory research into how to play audio from a C++ application on the Mac. It looks as if I'm supposed to use QuickTime for that? Mac guys out there reading this, is that right...?

I hope I can really make some progress this weekend on the game. I'm pleased with how fast and easy it's been so far but the month is almost a quarter over and there's a long way to go.
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