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Afterlife Blues update.

Here, ending Part One.

Speaking of awkward segues, I finished Saints' Row 2 today. I cleared all the story missions and a majority of the bonus stuff, although by no means all of it. The verdict? I'm satisfied. There's not really anything I can point to that I wish they'd done differently, except maybe there should have been more car chases; the character customization is really nice; and the game in general was pretty much just the right length in that it ended when I was ready for it to be over. It's not some world-changing event -- it's just a good, fun game. Not as many of those out there as you might hope, sadly!

The only thing is... unexpectedly, I'm starting to like rap music now.

(Favorite part of the game? Well, the last Sons of Samedi mission is a car chase through a shopping mall. That was pretty awesome. Also, that one mission where your character must escape the Samedi while totally stoned was hilarious. Actually, I'm thinking of all kinds of amusing moments now.)
Tags: afterlife blues, comics, games
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