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NaGaWriMo: Pirate update.

Hmm, that went much faster than expected. I fixed up my program so it can draw arbitrary colored lines and alpha blend them as well, and do it under control of the main loop; it was just an utterly trivial matter of applying the right OpenGL settings. I kind of feel that I should do more tonight, since that was so easy, but on the other hand that was my goal for today and I have a comic I should probably be drawing!

As a side note, I have had nothing but mockery for OpenGL in the past but so far I may have to eat my words. Other than getting used to Xcode's, er, unique interface I've been able to get this up and running much faster than any Direct3D program I've ever worked on.

(Double pirate update: I couldn't stop myself. I added tRandom and tVector2 classes, and then added the basics of a cShape class that organizes drawing a single shape. But now I definitely have to do something else.)
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