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Afterlife Blues update.

This notice is up a little late here on my LJ, but the page was indeed updated last night and here it is. I think I got better at drawing that planet on this page.

In other news, this weekend I drove to Pennsylvania to, as a two-hit combo, go to a Halloween party with my friends and then visit my parents and my sister over in Hershey. As I live in Massachusetts, which is pretty much a one-party state, it was quite something to stumble over the state line into the biggest battleground state in the election and immediately see lawn signs everywhere and get pummeled with political ads. I must have heard that one "Barack Obama thinks guns are awesome, honest, and on an unrelated note John McCain is an out-of-touch doodyhead" radio ad about ten times. I can only imagine what it must have been like to have that stuff going on for the past two months solid.

I also saw one of these while heading down I-95, which was pretty cool.
Tags: afterlife blues, comics, news of the world, personal
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