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Afterlife Blues update.

Here and it's really not bad.

Today's page was delayed one day because I wasn't satisfied at all with the quality of my original attempt. I am going to have to ask your patience here, I'm afraid -- as I've no doubt mentioned before, this is a very experimental project for me. I'm trying to avoid the crutch of using Photoshop, I'm trying to draw characters somewhat more realistic-looking and have much more detail generally, and I explicitly asked Jon to include things in the story I had a lot of trouble with back on A Miracle of Science. So... I'll do my best, and I want to get some sort of buffer going again to smooth over these bumps, but I felt I had to lay that out on the table here.

On a brighter note, the new pencil kit I bought today seemed to work out well. Even just using an ordinary wooden drawing pencil as opposed to mechanicals produced a better line and better shading, and there's a bunch of other pencils in the kit to try as well. I also used a blue non-repro pencil for the preliminary sketching, and while I wouldn't say it was quite as non-repro as claimed it worked better than what I was doing in the past. So let's say I'm cautiously optimistic about the art trajectory at this point.

(I even used a gum eraser! Woop, go me!)
Tags: a miracle of science, comics
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