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It was an era of big dreams, and even bigger pants cuffs.

So that was pretty cool! I drove up to MIT tonight -- specifically the Stata Center -- to catch a talk being given by Steve Meretzky about storytelling in video games. And afterwards I ran into someone from my company and a friend of his, and discovered they were both participating in the '08 Interactive Fiction Competition, and we had an interesting conversation about that and related matters.

Then, er... Well, then I went home.

I realize that I'm not describing this in an especially entertaining manner, but I've given up on being able to tell funny stories about things I do or that happen to me; I cannot do that to save my life. I'm just taking advantage of the "journal" in LiveJournal here, is all.

Maybe I should at least get a decent camera for this sort of situation, so I can liven up the journal entries with amateur photography. The Stata Center is certainly very, uh... interesting looking. Actually, from the street it looks surprisingly good, as if it belongs there. Inside it's a jumbled mess, though.
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