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Afterlife Blues update.

Page 16 here. Aw, can't a guy get tired of drawing a spacesuit?

Clockwork (boy, I really hope I can think of a better title) is going surprisingly well so far. I've implemented the player's ship and the ability to goon around the solar system in it. I've set up the infrastructure for keeping track of the various dates when interesting events happen, and I've implemented the "slow light spheres" which contain recorded clues about the situation. And of course I'm gradually adding more detail and interest to the planetside locations. The next thing I have to implement is making the solar system actually functional, vis-a-vis planets whirling around and such and properly visible from various locations. I also need to come up with a much stupider name for the space drive. I ideally want something intelligently ridiculous, if that makes any sense.
Tags: afterlife blues, comics, if
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