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We must push leetle cart!

All right, I'm going for it. I'm going to try to get a game done for the IF Competition this year -- specifically the one, working title Clockwork, that I wanted to enter last year but never finished. It'll be rough, I know; while I do have the bits and pieces of the previous version to start from, that mostly comes to about half of the game's map and some obsolete code for counting large numbers in Inform (obsolete since built-in support for large numbers was added a few versions back.) But I cannot ignore the inspiration I got last week. I've got to give it a try. The intro text:

You haven't seen the love of your life, Idol Larmagne, for nearly eleven thousand years now. Ordinarily this would not be unusual, as the fewer than three hundred humans known to still exist in this galaxy have chosen to colonize time as well as space, using stasis batteries to jump forward by days or years as they see fit, and millennia may pass without any two of them meeting. However, Idol is distinctly overdue. She was just going to indulge her hobby of comparative planetology by surveying the interesting star system labeled as OA +7480, a work of a mere hundred years or so, and then after a further thousand years of travel time the two of you would be together once more. But she missed a temporal rendezvous, and then another and another, and, well, while Idol is frequently forgetful and distracted something makes you certain that this time something very, very bad has happened. To that end you've come to OA +7480 in person. You know little about Idol's hobby, you've never even stood on a planet yourself much less have any idea how to carry out a search-and-rescue mission on one, but right now you'll have to do. Idol needs you.

The game takes place in a little star system. The player has the ability to step forward in time by any arbitrary number of days and the configuration of the planets is the key to Idol's rescue. Wish me luck!
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