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I posted this just to share the mental image of a giant hoagie destroying all of time.

As mentioned, this LiveJournal is a good excuse to toss out cartoons without really thinking about it, so here's one I did a few months back when I was playing City of Heroes fairly avidly. One of the characters I created was Mayfly, who wasn't so much a superhero as an intern, trying to get course credit for her Superheroes in the Modern Era 203 elective. I drew three rather scribbly/sketchy comics based on stuff that happened to her in the game and here's the first one.

Incidentally, if you're into challenging game play from the moment you step into Atlas Park, I can recommend no better course of action than to start an Empathy Defender like Mayfly (effectively the "healing" class in City of Heroes), switch on your "Looking for Team" flag, and accept every invite that appears on your screen. As inexperienced new players rush into dangerous situations and fumble their powers, you'll be busy non-stop keeping them from eating pavement. And they're actually grateful to you when it's all over! Amazing.
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