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Time Machine.

So. My new iMac (I mentioned my new iMac, didn't I? If not, I'll just mention it again here to be annoying -- my new iMac) does not have a floppy disk drive. I have a bunch of old floppies lying around, so today I decided to load them all up in my old, soon-to-be-jettisoned PC to see what was on them.

What was on them? Well, not too much. There were some backups of my old writing folders and a 3D engine I was writing at one point, all of which still safely exists on multiple backups now, and there were some old bits of art I sent to Jon for a webpage once upon a time. Also I had the original Descent (on 5 floppies) and being in a nostalgic mood decided to copy it as well; maybe I'll try to get D1X working and play it again. But... there was also this... see, back in the day when Inform first came out in all its obfuscated pre-Version 7 glory, I took a whack at coding in it. One of the things I started to write was a little game called You Don't Even Get A Copy Of Our Home Convention, set at an anime con at the Harlan Ellison Marriott Hotel and Convention Center, New York Mills, Minnesota. The player is an obsessive anime fan whose goals in the game were to a) get the Guest of Honor's autograph, b) bootleg a popular fan parody, c) acquire a stuffed Ryo-oh-ki doll, and d) win the art auction. All of these would of course be done in the most devious and underhanded way possible.

This was never completed, but it was still pretty cool. Unfortunately, my Inform 5 folder fell through the cracks in a computer upgrade and was lost along with the source to this game. It inspired me to be a lot more cautious about that sort of thing in the future, which is why I haven't lost anything else, but still, it always made me sad that this game was gone.

You're way ahead of me. The source code was backed up on one of those floppy disks!!

Now, to be fair, the game wasn't remotely close to done. I'd really only finished some of the hotel geography, a scene where in order to get invited to the most elite room party you must help a group of fanboys get their hotel video program bootlegging equipment working, and a couple of pieces from a segment where you had to defeat the head of a video gaming club at three different games. But still, what there is... is not so bad, considering.

I'm not quite sure what to do with it. It's unlikely in the extreme I'd finish the game; for one, what little source there is is written in an obsolete version of Inform, for two, even in 1997[1] I wasn't really as plugged into the convention scene as I thought I was and nowadays my ignorance is virtually absolute -- the best it could be is a period piece from the days of S-VHS and Evangelion[2]. I am, however, thinking of digging up an Inform 5 compiler for Windows (there isn't even a version that works on Intel Macs!) and pulling a Missing Information on it. Watch this space.

Oh dear, I've jinxed it, haven't I? OK, time to try a reverse jinx: There is no way I'll ever actually do this. Let's see if that works.

[1] Don't you dare post a reply about how you were in third grade in 1997. Don't you dare. I'M NOT OLD DAMMIT.
[2] More specifically, the days when Evangelion was an anime about giant robot fights instead of a dating sim.
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