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Three Things I Learned From The Movie "Wanted"

1. Some people will do anything to avoid paying a CTA fare.
2. Angelina Jolie is probably a robot from the future.
3. If you're feeling helpless and not in control of your own life, the solution is to kill Morgan Freeman.


I should also add that if somebody shoots a bullet and somebody else knocks the bullet out of the air by hitting it with another bullet, well, I can buy that happening once. Maybe even twice. But by the fourth time it starts seeming kind of contrived.

Overall the movie was... okay. The first act was great, if a bit overwrought; the ridiculous car chase had me laughing in delight, and setting a film in Chicago is a great way to get on my good side from the word go. The second act kinda dragged and felt choppy and incomplete at the same time, which is an impressive achievement in its own way. That did set up the third act to be a very satisfying riposte to it, though. I do think the film raised some interesting philosophical points, if often by accident, but as a whole... Eh. I can guarantee there are movies in the theater right this second you will enjoy more.

I bet the RiffTrax is gonna be hilarious, though.

(Edit: Additional quibble. Speaking as someone who lived in Chicago for five years I would not rely on El schedules to plan my assassinations around. In real life, no doubt our heroes would have jumped onto the train roof to do their thing and then found themselves waiting for an hour in a subway tunnel due to track construction on the Red Line between Belmont and Fullerton.)

(Even more edit: That's what suspension of disbelief is all about. I have no problems with an ancient society of assassins that gets their orders from a loom and can bankshot bullets around corners, because those things are ridiculous anyway, but tell me that the CTA is reliable enough to schedule a killing around and I will just look at you with one raised eyebrow, like Leonard Nimoy.)

(Even even more edit edit: Now, if it was a Metra train, okay. That I might buy.)
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