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Omigod. I was just writing something about how lousy I'm feeling with the recovery process still underway, and I just looked back over it and went and deleted it all because, I mean. Jesus. What a pile of crap. What's important is that my sister is OK, I'm OK, the transplanted organ apparently started functioning right away at tip-top levels and the remaining one immediately picked up all needed slack, and everything is just coming up roses and daffodills. We're both still in the midst of the recovery process, and I'm not going to pretend it's not painful (sometimes astoundingly so) or without various indignities, but so far it's going as well as one could hope. All the emails and posts from people out there in the Net over the past few weeks meant a lot to me. It was great to know that so many people cared. Thank you.

Changing gears slightly: I wanted to add that while I'm here, I am accessing email using Mail on a Macintosh iBook. At first, I was annoyed to not have access to the highly trained spam filters on my normal machine, and thus be forced to actually sort through the deluge of junk mail I get every day. But, I realized after clicking on a few, there is a glorious freedom in being out of the Windows monoculture. It means I can open my email without worrying that some malevolent attachment will slither through a security hole in Microsoft Outlook, zombify my machine, bootstrap itself into a weakly godlike intelligence and annihilate humanity. (You may laugh, but if we're gonna go I'm certain that's the way it's going to happen, not with a bang but with a Viagra spam that achieved sentience.) I'm seriously thinking about becoming a Mac man after this, and from such a fierce partisan of the Mac-Amiga Wars of the early '90s that's no small step.

Also, in the brief time I've been here there have been two big earthquakes. The 5.3 hit just today while I was in the process of being released from the hospital. How can anyone stand it? Back in Chicago the earth tends to remain solidly in one place as opposed to jostling about all the time. I hasten to add that I'm not making any value judgments here. I'm just sayin' that it's nice when the ground stays on the ground.
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