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I have a smaller brain in my hips that helps me walk!

I had a sudden impulse to draw Mahoroba (from Planetsiders) using my new style. So I did.

This doesn't mean I'm reviving the comic or anything like that. The most one could say in that respect is that I've vaguely considered uploading the scripts for the Planetsiders comics that never got drawn after I ended the project. Many of them are quite stupid but you would at least get to learn Maho's terrible secret.

Now, if another good MMOFPS comes out someday -- an unlikely prospect, granted -- might Maho and Inoperable get transferred to the new theater? I won't say that would never happen.

Speaking of video games: This weekend was a free promo for Team Fortress 2. So, since this is a new computer and all, I played it. It's... kinda fun! While it's still a tough game just like any online shooter, TF2 does have the benefit of nine different character classes with widely varying playstyles, and allowing you to switch classes whenever you want. So if being a Soldier or a Heavy is just too frustrating, you can try being an Engineer, or a Medic, and at least you'll be frustrated in a whole different way. That really does a lot for the game. (My best round was defending on Gold Rush, setting up a giant Engy turret watching the area where the bomb truck emerges from the tunnel, and just watching the kills roll in. Incidentally, is it just me or is it basically not possible for the attackers to get the truck any farther than the tunnel exit? I never saw it happen, at least.) When the free period closed down I was actually disappointed I couldn't play some more.

...So hey, I just have to wait for the next free period, right? Done and done.

(Incidentally, even if you're not interested in playing TF2 you should at least watch the videos Valve has been releasing starring the different character classes. They're quite amusing.)

In related cheap bastard news, there was also a free giveaway of Jets 'n' Guns Gold, an indy game I'd tried out a while back and tossed down in frustration as it was seemingly just too difficult to play. I figured it being free and all I'd give it another shot, and to my surprise ended up enjoying it a lot.

If you're curious, I was simply doing it wrong. This game is your traditional 2D arcade shoot-em-up, with an enormous store full of different guns and upgrades you can buy in between levels. I'd given up angrily earlier because I'd buy a selection of weapons, many of them would be useless or at best unsuited for the level, and that would seemingly be that. But the key to J'n'G is that you can sell back everything you buy for full price. What this means is that you aren't stuck with any purchase and you are never penalized for trying something new. Really, it's not a "store" at all; it's an armory, and the amount of money you've collected during the game just puts the upper bound on how much stuff you can check out of it at once. Realizing this, the game opened up dramatically; if I got my butt kicked in a level I could go back and flip through the other weapons and upgrades available. Often there'd be just the thing needed to, if not make the stage easy exactly, then at least make it possible. That's clever game design, I'd say.

Not to mention it is extremely British. One stage had me escorting a pressurized beer barrel the size of a skyscraper through an enemy spacefleet. All in all it's loopy fun and worth a look if you like this kind of game.

Update: Her proportions were a bit wonky, even for a sketch. I fixed that up a bit.

Update #2: Rake In Grass (the Jets 'n' Guns developers) are Czech, not British! I apologize to beer-loving game developers of all nations for my sloppy research.
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